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Blackberry Bold 9000 Troubleshooting

The Device Won't Turn On

Loose Connection

There could be a loose connection between the battery and your phone. Try inserting a folded piece of paper or a business card between the back cover of your phone and your battery. If this doesn't work, there may be another issue.

Bad Battery

Lithium ion batteries tend to lose the ability to hold charges after hundreds of charge cycles. If this is the problem, your phone will have been getting less and less battery time in between charges.

Blackberry Bold 9000 Battery Replacement

Faulty Charger

USB ports on phones can lose their conductivity after usage. Try cleaning out the phone's charger and charger port with compressed air or try using another microUSB phone charger to power your device.

No Sound Coming From The Blackberry

Loose Fitting Parts

A common issue with this model of the Bold is that the internal parts don't fit as snugly as they should, resulting in little to no connection between the speaker and the contacts. Placing some paper or cardstock between the battery and the phone should increase pressure on the speaker and maintain the connection between the contacts the volume button.

Broken Volume Toggle

Often times, dirt and debris can get lodged under the volume button, disrupting contact between the speaker and the main board, causing low to no output. If this is the problem you may have to clean the contacts with electrical cleaner, if the problem persists you may have to replace the buttons.

Blackberry Bold 9000 Volume Toggle Replacement

LED Interference

If the back cover puts too much pressure on the phone, specifically the grey paneling around the LED light on the back of the phone, the LED can interfere with the transducer of the speaker. Try cleaning the back paneling with compressed air and resetting your blackberry.

For more information, check out BlackBerryForums

Headphones or Wired Headsets Don't Work

Headphone audio jacks fail all the time, mainly because the wires inside the cable break the solder connecting them. Try replacing your headphones. If this doesn't work reset your phone's software and clean out the audio jack in your blackberry.

USB Connection Fails

Plugging your Blackberry into your computer doesn't yield a response

Outdated software

While trying to update your phone's driver, you get an error message saying that the software cannot be installed, or your computer doesn't recognize that your phone is plugged in. This typically occurs when the software on your computer is a newer version that doesn't support the outdated software on the Blackberry, causing the two to fail to communicate. Visit the RIM Blackberry support page and follow the steps to reinstall or install the correct software.

Windows Doesn't Recognize The Blackberry

If when connecting your phone via USB to Windows XP your computer recognizes it as a "new device," but does not recognize it as a Blackberry phone, you only have one option. Reset your phone, restart your computer, and in some cases uninstall and reinstall your Blackberry desktop software.

Bad Connection

The actual connection from the phone to the computer could be the issue.

USB ports can accumulate dust from continual usage and exposure. This can interfere with the electrical contacts in USB ports.

The easiest way to check is to replace the cable. Like most electronics, Blackberry phones use a micro USB connector. This means that you can reuse cables from other electronics, like digital cameras and older cell phones.

The Device Becomes Unresponsive

Your Blackberry unexpectedly freezes

Frozen Software

Blackberry's OS freezes regularly. Usually because programs freeze up and become unresponsive. There is no force quit or task manager on the OS to end disruptive programs, you just have to reset the phone. You can use the alt shift delete method, but most people end up just disconnecting the battery and turning the phone on again.

  • Soft reset
    1. Hold down ALT + RIGHT SHIFT (CAPS) + DELETE
      • The device should turn off, then reboot.
  • Double soft reset
    1. Hold down ALT + RIGHT SHIFT (CAPS) + DELETE
    2. As soon as the screen comes back on immediately repeat the above.
  • Hard reset
    • If neither of the above resets work, do the following:
      1. Remove the back cover and pull out the battery just enough so that the phone loses power.
      2. Reinsert the battery and power your blackberry on.

Broken Screen

If everything works on your phone (buttons, sounds, et cetera) , but there's still no picture, your screen is probably broken. The backlight could be burned out or the LCD could be broken. If you're not sure if the rest of the phone works, plug it into a computer to see if you get a connection.

Blackberry Bold 9000 LCD Screen Replacement

Blackberry Keeps Turning Off and On Again

Your phone is caught in the cycle of resetting... and won't stop

Software Malfunction

The most notable cause of this issue is that the Blackberry's OS is out of date or has 3rd party software interfering with the OS running/booting properly. The Blackberry's red LED will come on for a few seconds, then the screen will turn white and show an hourglass. Next the display will shut off, followed lastly by the phone itself. It will then wait a few seconds and start this process again. This cycle is called "nuking", and is very hard to get out of due to it not being able to respond to a computer during its cycling.

NOTE: If you go through all these steps all data including contacts and apps will be deleted, so hopefully most of it is backed up onto your computer. If not, you will have to start from scratch.

Locate and open the Blackberry AppLoader and proceed through the pages until you reach the page titled "Communication Port Selection". **WARNING: The next step must be done very quickly.** Connect your Blackberry and wait for the menu bar to change from "COM1" to "USB-PIN:UNKNOWN" and immediately hit next. This should take your Blackberry out of its reboot cycle and allow you to reinstall your OS. Continue through the program to reinstall your OS, which should be followed by a 10-15 minute reboot period.


Buttons or Keyboard Doesn't Work

Stuck Trackball

The trackball on the Blackberry Bold tends to stop working or become stuck after a lot of use. You can try scrolling vigorously to dislodge the trackball. If this doesn't work, you will most likely need to replace it or clean the copper contacts underneath the trackball.

Blackberry Bold 9000 Trackball Replacement


If the keyboard isn't working, try cleaning it out with compressed air. If the buttons still don't work, you will most likely need to replace it.

Blackberry Bold 9000 Keyboard Replacement

Blackberry Never Gets Service

Radio Use Turned Off

In the settings page of the Blackberry you can turn your service on and off. Check your phone's settings to make sure that your phone has radio use turned on.


The Blackberry uses a multiband microstrip patch antenna, which, when broken, is incapable of receiving any cell signal from cell towers. If the blackberry's connection to the antenna shorts out or the solder breaks, you won't receive any service. Try replacing the antenna.

Blackberry Bold 9000 Antenna Replacement

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