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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Machine Won’t Power Up ¶ 

The machine will not turn on.

Not Plugged in/ No Power on ¶ 

  • Make sure the machine is plugged into an electrical outlet all the way. If the power cord is loose in the socket, push the power cord all the way into the socket. Once the power cord is all the way in the socket, make sure the machine is in the on position (the position with the circle).

Dead Motor ¶ 

  • If the machine is on and plugged in and yet still is not working, the motor is dead. At this point, the motor is not easily accessible and the device itself should be replaced.

No Juice is Coming Out ¶ 

The machine is on and working but, when food is juiced, nothing comes out.

Cutter Not in Place ¶ 

  • If the cutter is not properly aligned, then the juicer will not work. See this guide on how to place the cutter properly in order to fix this problem. Ensure that this process is carried out carefully as the cutter has sharp teeth.

Pulp Container Full ¶ 

  • The juicer will also not produce juice if the pulp container is full. If the pulp container is full, remove it from the system using this guide and thoroughly clean it.

Juice Port is Clogged ¶ 

  • Juice will also not come out if the spout is clogged. At this point the device should be disassembled using this guide and the port thoroughly cleaned to remove any debris.

Pulp is Found in Juice ¶ 

The juice produced by the blender contains pulp and rind.

Pulp Container Full ¶ 

  • If the pulp container is full, pulp will go into the juice. To empty the pulp container, take the container out using this guide and thoroughly clean and empty it.

Cutter is Not Clean ¶ 

  • If the cutter is full of debris, pulp goes into the juice. Take out the strainer using this guide and clean it out using warm water and soap. Be careful doing this as the cutter teeth are sharp.

Juice Looks/Tastes Funny ¶ 

Juice coming out looks discolored, such as brown or milky, or has a metallic taste.

Machine is Dirty ¶ 

  • This requires taking apart the machine using this guide and thoroughly cleaning out each piece by hand with warm soap and water. Extra care should be taken while cleaning sharp parts such as the cutter.

Cutter is Rusty ¶ 

Machine Won’t Stop Running ¶ 

The juice has been made and the machine continues to run.

Food Clogging Strainer ¶ 

  • Turn off the machine and unplug it. Then take the cutter out using this guide and clean all food out of it.

Debris throughout Machine ¶ 

  • Take the entire machine apart using this guide and clean the debris out of all the parts. Wash each part thoroughly as well.

Malfunctioning Motor ¶ 

  • The motor has a glitch and will not work properly. The motor is not easily accessible but can be accessed through this guide and replaced.


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