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Bem Wireless HL2739B Troubleshooting

This guide will help you with common problems using the Bem Wireless speaker model #HL2739B.

Device Cannot Connect to Bluetooth ¶ 

The device cannot find or cannot connect to the Bluetooth input as expected.

Device Not Paired to Speaker ¶ 

Ensure the speaker is connected to power or full charged and powered on. Press the “play/ pause” button for 5 seconds. The Bluetooth light in the lower left corner of the speaker should now be on. Locate “Speaker Mojo” on your input device’s Bluetooth settings and select it. The speaker should be connected and a tone will confirm the connection.

Other Device is Blocking the Speaker ¶ 

Navigate to your input device’s Bluetooth settings and ensure no other output devices are selected. If they are, use the above troubleshooting guide (Device not paired to speaker) to pair the desired speaker instead.

Auxiliary Cable Being Used for Input ¶ 

The speaker will not use the Bluetooth input if the auxiliary cable is connected. Remove the auxiliary cable from the speaker and follow the “Device not paired to speaker” guide if re-pairing is required.

Device Will Not Power On ¶ 

The speaker will not power on when the power is switched to ON.

Speaker's Battery is Not Charged ¶ 

The speaker’s red “Battery” light in the lower right corner will blink quickly when the battery is getting low. Plug the Micro-USB cable (included with the device) into the USB port on the speaker. Plug the other end of the cable into a wall socket using an AC adapter or into the USB port on a device capable of putting out a charge (such as a laptop, desktop, etc.). The “Battery” light will flash slowly while the battery is charging and will turn green when fully charged. The speaker will also function while charging. Follow this guide to replace the speaker battery.

ON/ OFF Switch Not Functional ¶ 

Please see this guide for instructions on how to replace the speaker motherboard.

Device Will Not Hold a Charge ¶ 

The speaker will either not charge at all or will not hold a charge when disconnected.

USB Cable is not Functional ¶ 

Try using the USB cable to charge another device or, if you have one, try a different USB cable to charge the speaker. See the “Ensure the Speaker is Charged” troubleshooting guide above for more details.

Battery is no Longer Functional ¶ 

It is possible that the battery is no longer capable of holding a charge and need to be replaced. Follow this replacement guide for instructions on how to replace the charging base battery.

Distorted Sound ¶ 

The speaker is putting out crackles or distorted sound while playing.

Obstruction of Bluetooth Signal ¶ 

The device will not effectively operate if there are obstructions to the Bluetooth signal or it is not within the operating distance for the signal. Make sure there are no concrete walls of structures between the speaker and the input device. Also make sure the input device is within the 40 foot Bluetooth range for the speaker.

Battery Level Too Low ¶ 

The quality of sound could diminish if the battery level on the speaker or input device is low. Ensure they are both sufficiently charged. See the “Ensure the Speaker is Charged” troubleshooting guide above for more details.

Speaker is Not Functional ¶ 

It is possible the internal speaker is no longer working on the device. See this guide on how to replace the speaker.

Buttons on Device Are Not Working ¶ 

The touch buttons or ON/ OFF switch are non-responsive.

Touch Buttons Are Not Detecting Input ¶ 

If the touch buttons on the speaker for volume control and play/ pause are not responding, there might be some substance interfering with the touch sensitivity. Wipe the speaker surface clean using a towel or cleaning cloth and make sure the surface is dry.

ON/ OFF Switch Not Working Properly ¶ 

Ensure the charging station battery is functional using the Device Will Not Power On guide above. If the charging station battery is functional and charged, make sure the switch is fully pushed to the appropriate side. There will be a small click when the switch has been fully engaged. If that is still not working, please refer to this guide for the charging base motherboard replacement.


Volume will not come up, barely hear them

Bill - Reply

While playing music why ever 30 seconds do I get a busy signal sound?

Trina Fry - Reply

Hadn’t used them for a while and now when I turn them on they beep constantly and can’t connect via blue tooth.

plevota - Reply

Since I first got the pair it’s been hit or miss to get them to work. All my other BT devices I have no problems with. All the other stuff even has amazing range. These MOJO II, not so much. Any more than a couple of feet apart and they lose it. That’s if I can get them to connect. They’ll fire up as a pair, then only one will have sound and choppy at that. The other just sits there and the light blinks. Not sure what to make of these or what to do. I had high hopes.

MGManelis - Reply

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