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Student-Contributed Wiki

Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Speaker Won’t Turn On

The device won’t power on and the power indicator is not lighting up.

Faulty Power

If your device is not currently connected to its charging cable, first try to connect it to a wall outlet that is not damaged. Then check to see if the power indicator lights up and if the device begins to operate appropriately. If the device still does not respond, you might need to take further action such as replacing the charging cable or the motherboard. Replace using this link Beats Pill 1.0 Motherboard Replacement.

Device Will Not Charge

The device won’t charge or hold a charge when plugged in.

Faulty Battery

Check to make sure that the charging cable is plugged into the device. If the cable is plugged in and battery is still not charging or will not hold a charge, replace the battery using this guide: Beats Pill 1.0 Battery Replacement. If the device continues to not charge even with a new battery, then replace the charging cable.

Device Will Not Connect to Bluetooth and/or Audio Jack

Please note that the Pill can only be connected to one auxiliary device at a time.

The Device is Not Connecting to Other Devices Using Bluetooth

The device may not work if you are more than 30 feet away from the device.

First, you would need to hold down the red "b" button for three seconds. The red light surrounding the pill will start blinking. Once it does, pair your phone back to the device. Using the sound settings on your device select Beats as your input/output device on Mac devices and playback/recording device on PC.

If there is still an issue with the Bluetooth connectivity, try plugging a ⅛” audio cord from your device to the Pill. This will check to see if there is something wrong with your Beats Pill. If there is sound coming from your device, then the issue lies either with your phone's Bluetooth controller or the Pill's controller. If the Pill still doesn't work, then the issue may lie within the device's motherboard. Replace the motherboard using this guide: Beats Pill 1.0 Motherboard Replacement.

The Device is Not Connecting to Other Devices Using Audio Jack

No sound is coming from the device.

If you cannot play any media through the audio jack, then there might be an issue with your device itself. First, let's eliminate your phone as a potential cause of your issue. Second, try connecting another audio cord and speaker to your device. If you can play your media this way, then the problem lies within your Beats Pill. You will most likely need to replace your motherboard or replace your audio jack. Refer to this guide for more information: Beats Pill 1.0 Motherboard Replacement.

Having a Problem with Call Quality

When using this device to make calls, the audio quality is poor or echos can be heard from the other line.

Phone Volume is Too Loud

If you are having trouble with the device sounding augmented, distorted, or too faint, you might want to try balancing out the volume levels on both the Pill and your smartphone device. Some smartphones transmit a higher level of volume when connected directly to the Beats Pill via the ⅛” stereo audio cable. The speaker device might not be able to handle the level of volume coming from your smartphone device especially when the speaker is set to higher volumes. You might need to balance out these two levels until the audio sounds clear, crisp, and un-distorted.

Speaker is Too Close to Receiver

Especially when you are attempting to make a call while your phone is directly connected to the Beats Pill using a ⅛” stereo audio cable, the receiver on the other line of your call might be able to hear echos in your voice. This is probably caused by feedback between the speaker device and the microphone in your cellular device. To solve this, it might be best to use your phone as a Bluetooth device to connected with the Beats Pill from a distance or use a longer ⅛” stereo audio cable to connect with it from further away.

Phone Connected via Bluetooth

If you are using your smartphone as a Bluetooth device to connect with the Beats Pill and are having call quality issues such as fuzzy sound or echos in the call audio, you might need to reset your Bluetooth device and reconnect it to the speaker. Before you do so, make sure that the device is 30 feet or less from the other Bluetooth device (the Beats Pill). Also, ensure that both devices aren't too close to other radio transmitting devices (such as other Bluetooth devices, wireless routers, microwaves, etc.). In order to reset your Bluetooth connection, hold down the red "b" button on the speaker until the red light is blinking. Second, disable Bluetooth on your device (a simple Google search will show you how to do so). Just to be safe, try rebooting both the speaker and your device. Next, set the volumes on both devices to an appropriate level, re-enable your Bluetooth speaker on your device and pair the Bluetooth device to the Pill.

If the call quality still is not clear, you might need to try connecting this device to other Bluetooth receiving devices to see if the problem still exists.

Sound is Distorted or Not Playing a Full Volume

Audio is creating a popping or crackling sound/audio will not play at 100% of volume.

Too Far from Device

The distance from which you are located from the audio device exceeds Bluetooth range.


Remove any obstructions from a direct line of connection from your device.

Reset Device/ Reset Audio Device

Reset Bluetooth device and reconnect to audio device. If it continues to have distorted sound turn off audio device and reset.

Damaged Speaker

Failing to solve the problem with any of the other solutions provided, the speaker may need to be replaced. See this guide for more information: Beats Pill 1.0 Speaker Replacement.


I can't view any of the links?!

andynuma - Reply

Speaker turns on and goes off .

Tino Cent - Reply

It can't off the light is showing that is on. BT it can't off and it can't connect at the same time

Celestina - Reply

There is only one link- and I don't need to replace the speaker

richnspirit - Reply

i can connect but my speaker wont make any sound/noise

Nick Paisley - Reply

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