This guide will serve as a reference on how to replace the speakers on the Beats Pill 1.0. In order to follow this guide, you will need to have the Beats Pill partially disassembled. We would recommend going through our general disassembly guide for guidance on how to disassemble the Pill. For this guide, we will assume that you have fully disassembled the product according to our general disassembly guide.

  1. Using the spudger, create space between the speaker covers and then remove.
    • Using the spudger, create space between the speaker covers and then remove.

    • On the underside of the device, remove the rubber stand with the BeatsPill logo on it.

    • Using a Philips #0 Screwdriver that is ESD-safe. Remove the 4 screws circled in blue that were underneath the rubber stand.

  2. Remove the 2 screws circled in red with the  ESD-safe Philips #0 Screwdriver.
    • Remove the 2 screws circled in red with the ESD-safe Philips #0 Screwdriver.

    • Slowly remove the center band and 2 clip rings until the adhesive seperates as to prevent damage.

    • Using the spudger, starting in the middle, pry the device apart along it’s seam as circled in pink.

    • Open the device as highlighted in red to separate the two main bodies of the device. Device should look as picture above.

    • Circled in red is the speaker pin (yellow, red, black, white) from the mother board. • (Caution! Ground yourself when touching the mother board) Take a picture of the device cables connected to ensure you’re able to reconnect them correctly later.

    • Circled in red here is the NFC sensor cable. This cable has two (black and red) wires and should be removed carefully.

    • Remove control cable, highlighted in red with 5 wires (four black and one red) carefully.

    • Using the PH0 Phillips Screwdriver, unscrew the two screws holding the speakers down.

    • Each speaker is held down by two clips. On the front face of the speaker, push the speaker outward while pushing one of the clips that holds it down to the side. The speaker should pop out


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Do you have a link to the speakers that are used for the speaker pill, the current one seems to be broken and I cant find the replacements anywhere

justin perez - Reply

Just wanted to add a comment regarding where to find the actual replacement speakers for the Beats Pill 1.0. I quite certain that the over all size of each individual speaker is 1" including the plastic bezel around the speaker. The actual size of the speaker itself is 3/4" and I believe I have found a replacement speaker to use if one of the speakers in your Beats Pill 1.0 gets blown or damaged. Below is the link to the replacement speaker, found on It looks almost identical to the stock speaker installed in the Pill 1.0, minus the custom bezel around the speaker that is used to secure the speakers inside the Pill.

Buying all 4 speakers at once saves you 75 cent compared to the price of buying just a single speaker.

Hope this helps anyone looking for replacement speakers for their Beats Pill 1.0

Brad Shirer - Reply

I plugged my speaker in because it needed a charge and the metal piece inside the speaker went into it help

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