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Axess TA2513-10WT Troubleshooting

Below are some common problems that users experience associated with the Axess TA2513-10WT tablet.

The tablet will not respond or show any signs of turning on.

Check to make sure the power adapter is plugged into the wall completely. If it is, make sure the light on the adapter is on. If the adapter light is not on but it is plugged in, this likely indicates that the adapter is faulty. Consider purchasing a new power adapter.

If the adapter is still working, check to make sure the charger is plugged into the tablet completely. If the tablet will turn on with the adapter plugged in but not while unplugged, regardless of charging time, the battery is faulty. Follow this guide to replace the battery.

The buttons on the edge of the tablet are not working, or are not there.

If the buttons have no response, this means that the buttons may not be aligned properly with their associated receptors. Follow this guide to realign the buttons.

If you push the buttons in but it feels like they do not release back to their resting position, there is most likely some form of debris clogging the ports. Follow this guide to reach the buttons and clean under them.

If there are missing buttons, they may have fallen off and will need to be reordered from the manufacturer. When you have received the replacement parts, follow this guide to install the new buttons.

The Audio from the external speakers does not sound right or there is no sound at all.

Within settings, check to make sure the balance of the speakers is even. The Left audio should be about the same setting as the Right audio. If this doesn't work, the speakers may need to be replaced. Follow this guide.

Check that the volume is not too quiet or muted in settings. It is possible that if you are in a specific application, it has specific sound settings as well. To check this, open another app, such as the music application and see if there is sound when the music is playing. If there continues to be no sound, the speakers may need to be replaced. Follow this guide.

When the tablet is turned on, the screen does not respond to the touch.

If the screen does not respond to any touches, try restarting the tablet. If the screen continues to not respond, test the buttons to see if the tablet reads their input. If the tablet does read the input from the buttons, this means the screen might need to be replaced.

The display is dim but you can faintly see graphics.

If you can faintly see a graphic but not very well, check the brightness setting. The screen's brightness can be adjusted in the settings menu of the tablet. Increase the brightness and see if this increases the backlight. If it does not change the brightness, the backlight might need to be replaced.

The pictures are blurry.

If the produced pictures are blurry, it is possible that there is some form of obstruction, such as dust that is stuck in front of the camera lens. Try to clean the glass covering the camera from the outside of the tablet with a soft cloth. If this does not have any effect, the obstruction is likely inside the tablet or camera. Follow this guide to access the camera to clean the lens.


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