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Your Asus Z54C-JS31 laptop won't charge when plugged in.

If your laptop is not charging, the first thing you should do is check the power outlet. There is a possibility that the power outlet short-circuited or is faulty. To solve this problem try charging your laptop using a different power outlet.

If your laptop is not charging your charger might be broken. To test this, while the laptop is off, remove the battery and plug in your charger and power on your laptop. If the laptop turns on the charger works. If the laptop will not turn on you may need to purchase a new charger.

If your laptop turned on when plugged in, but will not turn on/remain on without being plugged in then you may have a problem with your battery. Laptop batteries naturally lose their ability to hold a charge over time. You may need to replace your battery. To see how to replace your battery, check out this repair guide: Battery Repair Guide

After turning your laptop on the backlight turns on but the screen remains black.

If you can't see the screen after turning on your laptop make sure your screen brightness is not on low. To check the brightness or increase it press the 'fn' key and F6.

If your screen is completely black with no backlight after turning on your laptop your display may be broken. To see how to replace your display, check out this repair guide: Display Repair Guide

If you still can't see your screen there may be a problem with your motherboard and it could need to be replaced. To see how to replace your motherboard, check out this repair guide: Motherboard Repair Guide

Your keyboard won't type after hitting the keys.

Sometimes there is a problem with the internal software system that prevents the keyboard from working properly. This can be fixed by rebooting your laptop to restore the internal system back to normal.

Small objects such as dust and crumbs sometimes get stuck underneath the keys, preventing them from working correctly. Use a can of compressed air to blow the debris out. Tilting the laptop on its side while you do this may also help.

If your keyboard is unresponsive a ribbon attached to the motherboard inside the laptop may have become loose. You will need to get access to the motherboard and reconnect the ribbon.

If none of these other solutions solved your problem, your keyboard may be faulty and have to be replaced. To see how to replace your keyboard, check out this repair guide: Keyboard Repair Guide

Your Asus Z54C-JS31 laptop will not read a CD or DVD.

If your disc will not play make sure the disc is not scratched or damaged. If you burned the disc make sure the media was properly recorded on the disc. You can test this by playing the disc in a DVD/CD player or by using a different laptop. If it won't play on any device try re-burning the disc again, and if possible try a new recordable disc.

Not all CD/DVD disc formats are compatible with the optical drive you may be using. Verify that the CD/DVD format is supported by your optical drive.

The CD/DVD tray sometimes gets dust or crumbs stuck inside which can impact the optical drive's performance. Use a can of compressed air to clean out the debris from the optical drive.

If your disc player will not open or will not spin it may be broken. To replace your Optical Drive go to: Optical Drive Repair Guide.

Your power button won't turn your laptop on or off.

If you are unable to push in the power button or it won't pop back out you may need to purchase a replacement power button cable. This will allow you to turn your laptop on and off normally again.


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