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Asus X751L Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you identify and resolve common issues with the ASUS X751L.

When plugged in to the power adapter, your Asus X751L will not turn on

If the power light is off, the adapter and/or the power cord are not functioning correctly. Check if any connections with the adapter and the power cord are loose. Check if there are any damages to the adapter or the power cord. Try charging with a new adapter and a power cord.

If the power light is on, the adapter and the power cord are functioning correctly and the issue is likely with the major components. Remove the battery and all external devices (USB, memory card, HDMI cables etc.) to directly provide power supply to charge. If the laptop boots up properly, the battery may no longer be functioning correctly and needs to be replaced.

You have trouble listening to sounds on your laptop.

Test audio through the computer speakers, then test it using an external audio device. If the audio is only distorted while listening via external audio device, the the audio jack or the external audio device themselves may be faulty. Audio may be distorted by loose connection with the audio jack.

If the audio sound is distorted when listening through the laptop’s speakers, the audio driver may be corrupt or outdated. Check out the ASUS driver page and select the appropriate operating system (OS). Select AUDIO and click on the latest RealTek Audio Driver that is appropriate to your computer. Restart computer and check the laptop's speakers again.

Your Asus X751L will not read any CDs or DVDs.

Check to make sure the optical drive in the laptop has the ability to read the disc. Standard versions of laptop only come with Super-Multi DVD optical drives. Check the ASUS X751L product page for further details.

If your Asus X751L optical drive does not open or does not read CDs or DVDs, the optical drive may be broken and needs to be replaced.

When powered on, your Asus X751L screen doesn't show an image

Check power button light or front left edge of laptop, if indicator light is blinking then laptop is in sleep mode. Click the left mouse button or click the power button and wait approximately 5 - 10 seconds for screen to light up. If no image appears on screen then the screen may need to be replaced.

Check if the display is disabled by pressing and holding the fn key on the bottom left side of the keyboard and then simultaneously pressing the F7 key. Screen should light up and display image.

When the laptop is running for a period of time, the laptop feels hot or/and the fan makes odd noises

Check the air vents while computer is running and note the measure of air flow and temperature through the vents. If there is little air flow and/or is hot the air vents may have accumulated dust and debris which restricts air flow. Use compressed air to gently blow out the debris and dust. If problems persist, the fan needs to be replaced.

Defective batteries may become inefficient with energy transfer and generate heat. The battery may need to be replaced. Heavy processing load may cause components to overheat. Load may be reduced by trimming intensive programs through Windows Task Manager. If problems persist, the processor may need to be replaced.

When the laptop is turned on, you cannot access the Internet.

If airplane mode is turned on, you won't have a wireless connection. In order to turn airplane mode off, press the fn button on the lower left side of the keyboard and simultaneously press F2. This will turn airplane mode off.

A broken or defective wireless card can cause issues with connecting to the internet. If you have no wireless connection and airplane mode is turned off, you may have to replace the wireless card.

When you press a key there is no feedback on the laptop, or the key does not fully depress.

If you can't fully depress a key, you may need to clean underneath the key. To do this, simply use a plastic opening tool to pop the key off. Clean underneath the key and then replace the key.

A broken or defective keyboard can cause typing issues and the laptop not registering key presses. If no key presses are being registered, you may have to replace the keyboard.


I'm having issues with the audio cutting out after 10 to 15 minutes. Using the audio troubleshooting pathway, I get a temporary fix. However, the problem returns and can't be fixed with troubleshooting. I do a reboot and then start over with the issue. What other fixes are there?

Hesley Cox - Reply

Hi i need some help i try the power adapter and batery and that still can't boot i ave no led when i press the power or when its plug on the power , HDD is okey and the rest i can't test .. Well thx ^ ^

Benoit gamer - Reply

I was typing away and instantly the laptop shut off. Repeated attempts only turned it on for a moment and then it shut down. I let it sit for a bit, and it started to windows updating. The update got to 19% and it shut down again. I left it alone again and came back. It got to 19% again and shut down. The battery was almost fully charged. The green and orange lights come on. The ASUS logo comes up. A couple times Program Automatic Repair comes up and then the laptop shuts off again. I am not sure what to do now. Apparently ASUS won’t recognize this model. Any help would be appreciated.

bassbro1 - Reply

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