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Asus R510CA-OB01 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you solve any issues with your Asus R510CA-OB01 device.

The device loses battery more quickly than usual, or the device cannot sustain any charge. In both cases a battery will need to be replaced.

Attempt to turn on the device, if the device only powers on while the power adapter is plugged in, even after charging for a full time-cycle, then the battery is damaged. Use this guide to replace the battery.

The device does not respond when pressing keys on the keyboard, or keys are missing from the keyboard. In case of unresponsive keyboard, consider replacing the keyboard. If keys are missing on the keyboard try to replace them.

Use this guide to replace the keyboard and mousepad if it is totally unresponsive.

The keys may have a buildup of dirt or another substance causing them to stick in place. Remove the sticking keycaps and thoroughly clean the area between each keycap and the keyboard. If your keys are unresponsive they may be replaced. Remove or replace missing keys on the keyboard using this guide.

The device does not boot to the Operating System, and/or programs do not open, instead it gives an error message. There is possibility of faulty RAM or hard drive damage, read below for more instructions.

If your device or programs crash while running memory intensive tasks, or the device will not boot, the device may have damaged RAM modules or a lack of adequate RAM space. Replace or Install new RAM modules into your device using this guide.

Though the device has a hard drive installed, there may be damage or corruption to the data causing the operating system to not boot properly. Data corruption on hard drives can be remedied by inserting a DVD or device containing the operating system and following instructions to “Repair you computer”. In this case, use the Windows OS to attempt to repair the corruption on the hard drive. If your device or programs still do not boot properly, use this guide to replace your device’s hard drive.

The screen on your Asus R510CA-OB01 should display clearly and with uniform brightness. In the event that the screen doesn’t display correctly then reset your device using the power button. If the screen is still faulty, it may be broken and needs to be replaced.

In the event that your screen is faulty or blurred you can use this guide to replace the display screen in your device.

If the Asus R510CA-OB01 will no longer read inserted discs, then open the drive and clean it with a soft cloth, close the drive and try again. If the drive will still not read discs then reset your device. If your disc drive still doesn't read discs after doing this your optical drive may be broken and needs to be replaced.

The optical drive in your Asus R510CA-OB01 reads CDs and DVDs, if your device's optical drive no longer opens or reads inserted discs first try cleaning the interior of the disc tray with a soft cloth. If discs are still not being read or if the drive no longer opens, the drive need to be replaced.


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