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AmazonBasics B0050BPWBQ Troubleshooting

My shredder will not turn on ¶ 

No matter what, the shredder won't shred my paper.

The unit is not plugged in ¶ 

Make sure the unit is plugged into a working outlet.

The unit is not set to the correct mode ¶ 

The big black switch on the top of the head unit needs to be pushed all the way to the left to line up with "Auto/On" mode in order to shred your paper.

The unit is overheated ¶ 

If you have been shredding many documents for a long period of time, the unit may become overheated from the extended use. You may smell a faint burning odor and the head unit is warm to touch. Turn the unit off and wait for at least 30 minutes before trying to shred paper again.

The unit is tilted/the unit head is not properly placed in the basket ¶ 

If the shredder is tilted or the unit head is not placed correctly into the waste basket, the ShedSafe feature automatically disables the shredder. Make sue the basket is level and the head unit is interlocking with the waste basket correctly.

The switch isn't working ¶ 

If you can no longer move the switch between settings or if the switch feels loose, then the the switch may be in need of replacement. For help replacing the switch, refer to our replacement guide.

My shredder runs in "Reverse" mode but not in "Auto/On" mode ¶ 

I can hear the shredder blades moving when I put it in "Reverse" mode, but it will not shred my paper in "Auto/On" mode.

The sensor isn't being activated ¶ 

There is an activation sensor located in the middle of the shredding feed slot. If the paper being shredded is too narrow, it might not be activating the sensor. Make sure the paper being inserted is in the middle of the feed slot.

The shredder is jammed ¶ 

You may try to use thick paper stock to push the jam through the shredder. Push the paper stock through the feed slot with some force while in "Auto/On" mode. If that does not work, you may switch to "Reverse" mode for the shredder to back up the paper and loosen the jam. You may have to pull some papers out of the shredder in order to clear the blades. After the jam is cleared, return back to "Auto/On" mode and resume shredding.

Activation sensor is broken ¶ 

If the activation sensor can no longer sense the paper to shred, there is no way to start the shredder while in "Auto/On" mode, therefore the sensor needs to be replaced. To replace this sensor, refer to our repair guide.

My shredder will not shred my papers on "Auto/On" mode ¶ 

The shredder is on and working, I can even hear the blades moving when I insert the papers into the feed slot, but it will not shred my papers.

The shredder is jammed ¶ 

Your shredder may be jammed. Refer to the previous header of "The shredder is jammed" for instructions on how to clear the jam.

The shredding gears are broken ¶ 

The gears that power the shredding blades may become worn down after overuse or age. You may hear a high pitched sound coming from the shredder but the blades are not shredding the paper when put in the feed slot. These gears may no longer work and need to be replaced. To replace this, refer to our repair guide.

My shredder is constantly running on "Auto/On" mode. ¶ 

The shredder blades are constantly running when I turn it to "Auto/On" mode.

The activation sensor is blocked ¶ 

The activation, located in the middle of the feed slot entry, may be blocked. Dust, paper, oil, or any form of debris may be stuck on the sensor which makes it constantly activated. Do not use canned air to clean this out but instead use a cotton swab to clean the sensor.

The shredder is jammed ¶ 

The shredder may be jammed with paper and that could be activating the sensor. Refer to the previous header titled "The shredder is jammed" in order to clear the jam.

My shredder will not shred my CDs ¶ 

I put my CD in the feed slot in order to shred it but the shredder does not take it in.

The "CD destroyer/reset" button is not being held down ¶ 

Unlike the paper shredder on this unit, the CD destroyer does not have an activation sensor. The unit should be set to "Auto/On" mode and the CD needs to be fed into the CD destroying slot. When you are ready to shred the CD, hold down the "CD destroyer/Reset" black button while you gently push the CD through the slot. Once the CD is entirely through the slot, you can release the button.


My Shredder constantly says "misaligned" no matter what i do

Harriet Flynn - Reply

My shredder runs constant on in the Auto mode. I checked the sensor by taking the machine apart, but the sensor is clean. It still doesn’t work because the sensor must be broken.

Ron Beatty - Reply

I have the same problem. I used a Qtip to clean the sensor, but didn’t resolve the problem.

I don’t have any paper jam either.  Have you found a resolve yet?


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