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Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3KD Troubleshooting

Device Won't Turn On ¶ 

The laptop is unresponsive and won't power on

Laptop Will Not Start Up ¶ 

Plug your Chromebook's charging cable into a working power outlet. If the charging light turns on but the laptop will not start, try to recover the laptop to an earlier date when it still worked. If the laptop won't start at all, make sure the connections are secure and let it charge for 15-30 minutes. If the laptop is not charging or still won't start up, if the steps below don't work you may need to contact the manufacturer.

Bad Battery/No Charge ¶ 

If the laptop has been out of use for an extended period of time, it could be unresponsive due to a faulty or uncharged battery. Test the battery by unplugging any extra peripheral devices and plug the laptop charger into an outlet. The charging light should turn on; if not, check to make sure the connections are secure. If the battery is not charging it may need to be replaced.

Computer Won't Power On ¶ 

If the power supply is working and the fans are working, but your device won't power on, you may need to replace the motherboard.

Black Screen/Display Errors ¶ 

The device might be asleep, so hold down the power button to turn on the device . If the laptop has power and it's still not displaying, the screen might be dimmed. Ensure that the brightness is turned up by repeatedly pressing the F7 key. If your screen appears patchy, there is a chance that your Chromebook has dead pixels. This is a good indicator that your device has a faulty LED screen. If the issue still persists, your screen may need to be replaced.

System Errors ¶ 

System Unresponsive to User Inputs

The Keyboard Is Not Functioning Physically ¶ 

Key(s) on the keyboard are not functioning properly, are stuck, or are missing.

Keys are Stuck ¶ 

If the keys cannot be pressed down there may be debris under the keys preventing them from working properly. Carefully remove key and clean the debris that is preventing the key from functioning correctly. Make sure the keyboard area is completely clean and then carefully attach the key(s) back to its original position.

Keys are missing ¶ 

If the keys are detached from the keyboard and cannot be found, then replace the keys. Be sure the area is clean before proceeding with the replacement process.

Sound Problems ¶ 

Make sure the sound isn't muted by clicking your account photo and adjusting the volume using the slider. If it isn't muted, next to the volume slider, click the Right Arrow and change where the sound is coming from (output). If this doesn't work, unplug any audio devices from your Chromebook and test the sound. If problems still persist you may need to Reset your Chromebook or Recover your Chromebook.

Microphone Issues ¶ 

The microphone is not picking up audio feedback from the user.

Microphone settings turned off ¶ 

If the microphone is not picking up audio from the user, it may be turned off in the settings. You may need to give your computer permission to use the microphone by turning on the microphone icon in the control panel next to the speaker settings.

Faulty Microphone ¶ 

If the microphone is turned on in the settings and is still not working, you may need to replace it.


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