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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Acer Chromebook C710-2833 Troubleshooting

Computer is Too Hot/Won't Cool Down ¶ 

While your computer is on, it becomes hotter than normal.

Faulty Fan ¶ 

If your fan malfunctions, try replacing it with a new fan using this guide.

Clogged Ventilation ¶ 

Open the bottom of your Chromebook with a Phillips PH0 screwdriver. Unscrew the single screw opposite to the battery of the Chromebook. Once unscrewed, carefully pop off the back door of the bottom. Now go ahead and clean out any dust or debris around the fan itself or its air vents/intake. You can use air duster to clean the components. Once cleaned, place the back door back into bottom of the Chromebook and screw the screw back in tightly.

Battery Won't Charge ¶ 

Your computer does not receive any power with your power supply plugged in to a functioning power outlet.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

Using our guide remove the battery carefully and replace it with a new one.

Faulty Power Supply ¶ 

If your power supply cables do charge your Chromebook, try using a different power supply cable to see if your power supply cable is not faulty. If this does not work, you can also try plugging your power supply cable into a different power outlet.

Computer Won't Connect to Internet ¶ 

You have trouble connecting your computer wirelessly to the Internet.

Wifi Router Settings ¶ 

Try looking under the wifi router settings and see if the router's DHCP service is turned on. Additionally, try checking the network settings on your Chromebook to see if your Chromebook is using DHCP. You access these settings by clicking on your account photo in the lower right corner of your Chromebook screen. Then click on Settings and find the Network section.

Wireless Signal Out-of-Range ¶ 

If you are experiencing a weak wireless signal, try moving closer to your wifi router for a better signal.

Wireless Card is Turned Off ¶ 

Try pressing the Fn + F11 keys to turn on the wireless adapter.

Faulty Wireless Card ¶ 

Replace the wireless card using our guide.

Screen Will Not Display ¶ 

Your computer turns on but nothing will display on the screen.

Brightness Settings ¶ 

Try pressing Fn + F7 to see if the brightness is on the lowest setting. If you are using an external display, try increasing the brightness settings on that.

External Displays ¶ 

Try disconnecting any external displays from the Chromebook to see if the screen signal was not being sent to the external display instead.

Operating System/Computer Won't Boot ¶ 

Your computer turns on but will not go past the BIOS screen.

Faulty Hard Drive ¶ 

Replace the hard drive using our replacement guide.

Corrupted Boot Files ¶ 

Try reinstalling the operating system by using the Chromebook Recovery Utility app from the Chrome Web Store on another laptop running Google Chrome or Chromebook. Insert a USB drive of at least 4 GB into the other laptop. Run the Recovery Utility app, follow the prompts, and make sure you have your affected Chromebook's model number. Eject the USB drive after the utility is done and turn on your affected Chromebook. Press Esc + Fn + F3 then the power button and let go of them to open the recovery screen, insert the USB drive when prompted and follow the instructions.


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