Xbox One Wireless Controller Won’t Vibrate

Xbox One Wireless Controller Won’t Vibrate

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Does your Xbox One Wireless Controller no longer vibrate when it is supposed to? Xbox One Wireless Controllers are susceptible to a range of problems that could cause the vibration motor to stop working. Check the following possible causes to identify and solve the problem.



If your Xbox One Wireless Controller is not vibrating, it could be due to the vibration settings of the video game. Check to make sure the vibration setting is enabled by navigating to the settings of the video game you are playing.


If you cannot find a vibration setting in the settings of the video game, it is possible that the game does not support controller vibration. Try using another controller on the video game. If the controller is still not vibrating, the game likely does not support vibration.


If your Xbox One Wireless Controller is not vibrating even with the vibration setting turned on, the controller might need to be charged. The Xbox One Wireless Controller may not vibrate when it has low battery power in an effort to save battery life. Plug the controller into the Xbox console using a USB cord. To check the controller’s battery level, press the Xbox button, and navigate to the home screen. The controller’s charge should be displayed in the bottom right corner of the home screen. Allow the controller to charge until the controller’s charge level is full (this could take several hours).

If your Xbox One Wireless Controller is losing battery power very quickly, the controller’s batteries may be faulty. If the batteries will not charge or lose charge very quickly, replace the batteries using the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Series 1 (Model 1698) Battery Replacement Guide.


If you have turned the vibration setting on in the video game and checked your controller’s battery level, but the controller still is not vibrating, the vibration motor may be faulty. Use the Xbox One Wireless Controller Trigger Rumble Motor Replacement Guide to replace the controller’s vibration motor. Note that this replacement requires some soldering.

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