Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Not Turn On

Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Not Turn On

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If your Samsung Galaxy S10 won't turn on when you press the power button, check out these possible causes and solutions to get your phone back up and running.



It's possible that your battery may not have enough charge to turn on. Plug in your phone to charge it and try again.

Note: make sure that your outlet, charging block, and power cable are all functional to ensure your phone is actually getting a charge.


Your firmware might've experienced an issue causing your phone to crash. You'll need to force restart it to get it out of a bad software loop. Hold the power and volume down button for 30 seconds or until the Samsung logo appears.


If your battery is too old it may be unable to hold enough of a charge to power your phone. You'll need to replace it, which you can do using our Samsung Galaxy S10 Battery Replacement Guide.

If you need one, we also carry replacement batteries for the Samsung Galaxy S10.


If replacing the battery didn't work, then your screen may be the cause of the problem. You can replace the screen using our Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Replacement Guide.

If you need to, you can also purchase a Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen from our quality tested store.

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