Ice Maker Only Crushing Ice

Ice Maker Only Crushing Ice

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If you're only dispensing crushed ice from the machine, verify the following.

Consider resetting your ice maker first.



This is a first step and low level sanity check. Make sure your machine is set to make cubed ice.


Pull the ice bin out and removed any clumped ice. Use warm water to melt any stuck ice, then dry the bin. Replace the bin, and allow your ice maker to make ice again, then try the dispenser.


When ice is requested, a flap opens which allows for cubed ice to move out whole. If an ice cube becomes trapped in the flap or behind the reservoir, then the ice will not dispense. This can also be seen as very slow crushed ice dispensing.

  • Check for ice behind the bucket. If no ice cubes were behind the bucket, remove the bucket and try dispensing ice.
  • After shutting the door and depressing the lever, you should hear a loud snapping noise. In the event you don't hear a snap, your flap will need servicing. If you hear a snap, return the bucket and dispense cubed ice again.

While the bin is out, check the bottom for a long metal wire. This wire fits into a square 1" hole in the back of the freezer. This mechanism and arm is what controls dispensing of solid cubes. In the hole is a horizontal bar about 1/4" in diameter.

  • Push down the horizontal bar.
  • If you remove the ice bin, reset bar each time.

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