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Kenmore 110 Series Washing Machine Won’t Turn On

Kenmore 110 Series Washing Machine Won’t Turn On

Arielle Sampson and 1 contributor
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Does your Kenmore 110 Series Washing Machine no longer turn on or show any signs of life? Kenmore 110 Series Washing Machines are susceptible to a range of problems that can cause them to stop turning on. Check the following causes to identify and solve the problem.


If your washing machine will not turn on, it might have tripped the outlet’s circuit breaker. Find your circuit breaker and see if the washing machine’s circuit was tripped. If it was, flip the switch back to rest the circuit.


If you have reset the washing machine’s circuit breaker and the machine still does not work, the washing machine may simply need to be reset. Unplug the washing machine and leave it unplugged for at least five minutes. Then, plug in the washing machine and try to use it, again.


If you have tried the above solutions and the washing machine still does not turn on, it may be plugged into a faulty power outlet. Unplug the washing machine from its power outlet. Then, plug in something like a working lamp to the washing machine’s power outlet to check if the outlet is working properly. If the lamp does not turn on when plugged into the washer’s power outlet, try plugging the washing machine into another power outlet.

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