Bose SoundLink Micro Won't Turn On

Bose SoundLink Micro Won't Turn On

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On the USB charger, there is the indication of amp (A) or milliamp (mA) rating of the charger. The rating varies among chargers, including those from different models of the product. The closer the amp rating is to the maximum amp rating of the product, the faster the product will recharge.

If the amp rating of the charger is too low, the product might take a long to charge or fail to charge at all. Refer to the specification which has been indicated on the product or within the owner’s guide for details.

Some products require a minimum of 1 amp of current for them to recharge. Most USB ports on PCs can only provide a maximum of 0.5 amps of current. Make sure you use safety-agency-approved power supply that meets the local regulatory requirements (for instance, UL, CSA, CCC, or VDE)


Disconnect the power connection for a few seconds, and then reconnect it. Within the first few seconds of connecting, a tone should play from the product. If a tone is heard but still the product will not power on, then the issue might be with the connections or controls. If there is no tone, then the product might not be receiving power or producing sound.


If the product functions when connected to the power outlet but fails to work when disconnected, then the issue could be the battery.

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