Our friends at iExperts in Sydney pulled apart an iPhone 6 while we were working on our iPhone 6 Plus teardown.

Update: iFixit has conducted a full-blown in-house analysis with more photos and detail.

This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your iPhone 6, use our service manual.

  1. Unboxing the iPhone 6: yup, it's a phone.
    • Unboxing the iPhone 6: yup, it's a phone.

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  2. After removing the familiar two Pentalobe screws we use a suction cup to carefully lift up the screen to give us enough space to run a plastic tool down the edges to release the screen clips
    • After removing the familiar two Pentalobe screws we use a suction cup to carefully lift up the screen to give us enough space to run a plastic tool down the edges to release the screen clips

    • Unlike the 5s, The 6 Touch ID cable is now routed up the back of the screen, so we don't have to worry about accidentally ripping the touch ID cable.

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    • The screen connectors are covered by a metal plate, similar to the previous models.

    • This plate is held by 5 screws this time.

    • There are 5 connectors under this plate: LCD/Touch Sensor/Front Camera, Rear Camera and TouchID.

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    • The battery is very well stuck in. With a bit of heat and a little deformation of the battery, we were able to get it out. (There's probably a pull tab to remove the battery, but we didn't find it.)

    • The battery is rated at 3.82V, 6.91Whr.

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    • Removing the logic board requires the removal of many screws.

    • Fortunately for DIYers, Apple have placed the chips away from most of the screws so there is less risk of tool slip damage.

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    • The iPhone 6 rear camera: not as big as its optically stabilized brother.

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    • The iPhone 6 logic board.

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    • The vibration motor is now inside a metal case!

    Is this a linear oscillation vibrator like the 4S? Or the more standard type found in the 5/5s?

    ASheikh - Reply

    hi guys i would like to share my experience with all of you , I was android user and using Samsung galaxy S5 , when Iphone 6 has launched in september 2014 i was decided to buy Iphone 6 in Pakistan and sell my S5 android .

    In november i have bought iphone 6 16 GB from Pakistan online store . My friends are very happy to see my iphone 6 and they are all apple products lover. Everything is going fine with my iphone but when put on my iphone in my stretchable jeans my iphone is bend in curve. i am very upset because of my set is to expansive please help me guys.


    kashif - Reply

    • The loudspeaker.

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    • The Lightning port.

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    • The Touch ID sensor.

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    • The front camera and proximity sensor flex cable.

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    • The iPhone 6 display assembly. It's thinner than the iPhone 5s/5c/5 screen.

    • The Touch ID Cable runs from the home switch to the top of the screen, adding a 4th connector at the top.

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    • After the usual painful desoldering of the shielding, we have the logic board in all its naked glory.

    • Analysis to follow with iFixit's full teardown.

    Somewhere in the teardown around the stage of the antenna area, this small piece came out and I don't know where from. Anyone know what this is?? It says, "00095-A" with a small box thing at the end of the character string. Thanks so much in advance!

    (showing both sides)




    shauhncy - Reply

    Any luck with finding the location of that small piece? Same thing happened here and I am trying to identify where it goes. My piece is same but with 1-00095-A 334 for the number. Thanks!

    Victor -

    its the antenna interconnect i believe..

    if that link doesn't work or you cant tell from looking where the part fits in then look at the iphone 6 power button tutorial which has all the steps to get to the part properly since it has to be removed to get to the power button.

    iPhone 6 Power Button Replacement

    Hope that helps.

    ynit -

    I came across with the same piece with a mark 00095-A. I don't know where it came from. anyone knows about it?

    kpanmei95 - Reply

    antenna interconnect.. see above for links

    ynit -

    I have tried every possible location for that small piece with a character"00095-A" but found no place to fit in that piece. Maybe its just an extra part coz the phone itself is working fine. Anyone with better knowledge about it??????

    kpanmei95 - Reply

    its the antenna interconnect.. links posted in reply to original post

    ynit -

    • More chip pics!

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    • Even more ICs.

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    • And that's all she wrote! We'll be back soon with a complete teardown and analysis from iFixit with higher resolution photos.

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I have 2 small pieces that fell out and I have no idea where they go. One has this code on it 1-00095A 344. And the other looks like a toggle switch, it is black. Can you help.

linda.lloyd - Reply

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