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Inspired by yesterday’s PlayStation VR teardown we went ahead and cracked into the PlayStation 4 Slim. Smaller and more interesting than ever before, but how does this slim stack up to its older brother? Watch and find out!

This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your PlayStation 4 Slim, use our service manual.

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Sata ii? or sata iii?

James casner - Reply

My PS4 slim literally just stopped playing video game CDs, I was able to eject my Fifa 17; but since then I've been trying to put it back in and it's simply not working. This is really strange for me. Please what do you think is the problem and how can i solve it?

P.S. When I put my head close to the console, I hear a continuous clicking sound.

michael enearu - Reply

The same as my console , my PS4 Slim didn't read disk games before 3 days ago. When I turned on my console,I can hear the dick spinning but after a short while it stopped. And the screen showed "Unrecognized disc ". I also found only one way can made my console read disk : turned on the console for about 10 minutes then restarted it.But I think the most useful way is change the disk driver.

dds2005 -

The laser reader is jammed

akil deberry - Reply

When i us headphones connected to the dualshock 4 to listen all the sounds it usually have some problems of continuity... sometimes i cant hear nothing

Loris Carrara - Reply

You need to take out the disk drive and there's this little plastic circle that hangs under that's probably not up on the way

Ricky Rios - Reply

I have a question do you guys have an extremely specific part that i need. It's the ribbon cable that goes to the power button... i bought the PS4 slim on craigslist and the guy said the only thing that is needed was the power core.. i got that cause the PS4S was 50 bucks and the core was 80. I watched your video but the only thing that I noticed that was missing was that power ribbon cable and was wondering if you had any in stock

mattd64 - Reply

Do you have to remove all of the ribbon cables to remove the top panel. I am looking to custom paint my PS4 and I don't want to mess around with the cables if I don't have to.

Luke Raynsford - Reply

i dont see anything

Edward Littman Jr (Ed) - Reply

I got alittle water in my ps4 now it wont read disc plz help

Kareem hallug - Reply

I would like a picture teardown instead of a video teardown which is a waste of time and data. These video teardowns are getting very annoying. I remember when ifixit only had picture teardowns. I guess they're just getting lazy.

Moofficer - Reply

Agreed picture teardown these videos are horrible

Sam Garesche -

Hi this video is cool and all but does anyone know where they might have a normal teardown like the rest of iFixits?

Sam Garesche - Reply

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