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Guide Image

(Archived) How to reduce Mac Laptop temperatures

If you own a Mac you may be aware of how these computers run. Installing...

Guide Image

Polaroid LCD-0700P LCD Power Board Replacement

This guide focuses on the removal of the LCD power supply board.

Guide Image

Polaroid LCD-0700P Case Replacement

A step by step guide to disassemble the "Polaroid LCD-0700P Case"....

Guide Image

iPod Touch 2nd Generation Display Replacement

Replace a broken display using this guide.

Guide Image

BLU Advance 4.0 Screen Replacement

This guide will teach you how to replace your BLU Advance 4.0's screen in the...

Guide Image

Dell Venue 8 Rear Case/Midframe Replacement

Remove the outer back cover of the device, and the internal plastic cover.

Guide Image

Dell Venue 8 Battery Replacement

Dell Venue 8 battery removal, and replacement.

Guide Image

Dell Venue 8 Speaker Replacement

Replace a damaged Dell Venue 8 speaker.

Guide Image

Dell Venue 8 Back Camera Replacement

Removing and replacing the back camera of a Dell Venue 8.