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University of Kentucky Louisville, Team 1-3, Matravers Spring 2016

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Guide Image

VENSTAR Taco Disassembly

There is no visible way to open this device....

Guide Image

Battery Replacement for the VENSTAR Taco

This guide describes all of the necessary steps...

Guide Image

VENSTAR Taco Logic Board Replacement Replacement

This guide describes the necessary steps to...

Guide Image

VENSTAR Taco Speaker Replacement Replacement

If your speakers keep cutting out or are no...

Guide Image

VENSTAR Taco Microphone Replacement Replacement

Here we will be removing the small michrophone...

Guide Image

LG Optimus Fuel Volume Button Replacement

This guide demonstrates how to properly remove...

Guide Image

LG Optimus Fuel Camera Replacement

How to replace the camera in your LG Optimus...

Guide Image

LG Optimus Fuel Screen Replacement

Replace your screen if you have broken the...

Guide Image

LG Optimus Fuel Speaker Replacement

You may need to replace your speaker if you...