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Eastern Washington University, Team S1-G4, Carnegie Fall 2017

Group four in section one of Technical Communications at EWU. This course is taught by Dr. Carnegie.

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This group is made up of Flora, Lorena and Macey are we are "group four" in our Technical Communications course here at Eastern Washington University. Macey is from Richland, Washington and is working towards a Business Management major. The skills she has that will help towards this project are problem solving, critical yet out of the box thinking, previous experience in fixing certain items and is very hands on.

Flora is from Seattle, Washington and is a Visual Communication Design Major. She's good at artistic aspects needed in group projects, checking in with group mates, delegating tasks, and writing skills.

Lorena Esquivel was raised in Walla Walla, Washington, a small town known for onions and wine. She is intending to complete a BA in Visual Communication Design, as well as two minors in Africana Studies and Race and Cultural Studies. Enjoys working on designated tasks and helping the team complete their best work paired with her ability to communicate and work towards a solution are great skills to bring to the team.