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University of Memphis, Team S4-G1, Baddour Spring 2017

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Team Charter — UM-Baddour-S17S4G1

Overall Team Goals

  • We strive to complete our project in a timely manner, while maintaining a professional appearance in not only our work, but also our demeanor. Each of us are giving our all to make this goal a reality, no matter what obstacles may impede our progress.

Measurable Team Goals

  • We will meet all requirements for each milestone of this project before the assigned deadlines, with contingencies in place to ensure no deadlines are missed.
  • All writing submissions will reviewed before submission to minimize the chance of errors, which would harm our team's professional image.

Personal Goals

  • Project Manager (Nathaniel L.) - My goal is to produce a quality project in an efficient manner, both adding to iFixit's catalog of guides and making myself a more valuable asset to potential employers.
  • Project Co-Manager (Carson B.) - My personal goal is to efficiently complete every milestone with high-quality work and not allow our team to fall behind, so we can complete this project.

Individual Commitment

  • in our group has committed to finishing our project with the highest possible quality in a timely manner.

Other Concerns

  • Our team is fairly small, so each member will have to take on multiple roles for some parts of our project. With differing schedules for each team member, many of our meetings may be made over online meeting services.

Conflict Resolution

  • We have decided that any conflict shall be put to a vote. In the event of a tie, we will keep the decision totally unbiased and fair with the use of a random number generator.

Missed Deadlines

  • We will address and resolve any missed deadlines in a swift and efficient manner. If a team member misses a deadline, they will be contacted and given 36 hours to present the finished, polished assignment, along with a written statement as to why they missed their deadline.
  • Should the assignment which is overdue require more

Unacceptable Work

  • Before any piece of work is submitted, we will review the submission as a team, to determine whether it meets our standards of quality.
  • In the event that said piece of work does not meet our quality standards, the team member responsible will be asked to redo it within 48 hours to keep our deadlines.

Contact Information

Nathaniel -

Carson -

Administrative Duties

  • Project Manager (Nathaniel L.) - Duties include, keeping attendance records, and handling equipment such as the device and toolkit.
  • Project Co-Manager (Carson B.) - Duties include handling documents, taking notes during group meetings, taking pictures, and debugging technical problems which interfere with our work.