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Guide Image

Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 Battery Replacement

How to remove and replace the battery in your Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2.

Guide Image

Sony CDX-GT540UI Wiring Harness Replacement

Replace bad wiring to stop radio from glitching.

Guide Image

Gateway W350I Heatsink Fan Replacement

If you have a broken heatsink fan, use this step-by-step guide to explain how...

Guide Image

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Back Camera Lens Replacement

Replace for the main back camera lens for Galaxy Nexus.

Guide Image

Sony CDX-GT540UI Front Panel Replacement

This guide will show the removal of the front panel to get inside your device...

Guide Image

Sony CDX-GT540UI Back Panel Replacement

This guide will show how to remove the back panel to be able to work inside...

Guide Image

Sony CDX-GT540UI CD Drive Replacement

This is a removal and replacement guide for a CD drive.

Guide Image

Sony CDX-GT540UI Motherboard Replacement

As a last resort, replace the motherboard.

Guide Image

Polaroid Onestep Close Up Forward Viewfinder Replacement

This guide will show you how to replace the forward viewfinder lens. It is...