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The easiest it could be

magicalnegro -

My Problem

My girlfriend, in a moment of intoxicating rage, dropped her phone on the hardwood floor spriderwebbing the phones screen from side to side and top to bottom.

My Fix

The repair was a long painstaking ordeal. I now realize what it is like when a women has birth, when you for the first time see this small but beautiful creation that you know you accomplished with a very small amount of help with at least one other person. I looked into is blue reflective screen for the first time after the 3 hours of intensive labor that I had put into it, with nothing but a beer to calm my nerves and my hands. It was a priceless feeling that will for sure be experienced again, cause one just isn't enough.

My Advice

Slow and steady wins the race. Do not rush and do not blame yourself for things that haven't happened yet. Even when they say difficult, they are still very doable by anyone at almost anytime.

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