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Free Xbox! Score!

cdevilrun -

My Problem

A friend gave me a RROD'd original Xbox 360.

My Fix

I read several guides and decided to use the 8-penny method (Pushing up the mobo at the RAM with make-shift stints) and then turned it back on and let it run with air-flow blocked to the GPU for ten minutes. After a couple hours, to let it cool, I turned it on and now I have an X-Box!

My Advice

The metal on the tool bends easily, and you need the key section to push down on multiple latches simultaneously. If the backside of the shell doesn't come right apart you may not be hitting the latches.

The long Torx screws that hold the bottom half of the shell on stripped easily.

Be sure the case is fully lined up before reattaching the bottom half with the screws.

Xbox 360 Opening Tool Image
Xbox 360 Opening Tool


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