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laptop got heat during charging,stop charging,rust in the contacts in MagSafe

by Den

My Problem

in repair centre it coast twice more and takes two months. I don't know peoples who were satisfied such repair

My Fix

today i fixed my macbook pro. it took around 2 hours. With your guide and instruments it was very easy.but i got 2 item superfluous.First it is plastic pull tab of the microphone ribbon cable.Second it is one contact from microphone cable socket.It was very hard to pull off this cable and i pulled off this contact together with cable

My Advice

Thank you very much for your guides and tools ! it was very helpful.

i would like add thermal paste(and guide for this) to list of parts(in start of guide), on step 11 it was very late. now i assembled macbook without it. have i to buy it and add ?

Philips #00 screwdriver is much bigger then the same screw in step 10. This screwdriver not fit screw. i had to find smaller screwdriver

And once more thank you for your help !