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New life to the 2008 MBP with SSD

by rolfsaether

My Problem

I replaced the optical drive with a SSD because the computer was getting a bit too slow and couldn't handle the software I'm using so good anymore.

My Fix

The repair went very well. I followed all the steps in the guide and had all the equipment which was needed.

My Advice

The SSD I'm now using, is a Samsung Evo 840. It works much better than the original HD and I use it as the start disc with Mavericks installed. But there is a problem with the sleep mode. When I close the machine it will not wake up again from sleep mode when I opens it/take up the display - have to restart the machine with cold start. Is this because the drive is connected to the machine with the cable for the old optical drive? Would this work if I swapped the two drives and placed the SSD in the original place for the HD?