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Dropped iPad and crushed glass in top corner

bassjames -

My Problem

After dropping my iPad on a hard floor, the glass in the top corner shattered. Figuring that it was cheaper (and more rewarding & personally satisfying) to fix it, I went online and was impressed with the video instructions on iFixit and decided to go for it.

My Fix

Repair went well. It was scary at times (being the first time I've done it) but nothing bad happened. The hardest part was removing all of the powdered glass from the area that was broken. Cleaning that took lots of time, effort and acetone but got it done with only a few cuts on my fingers.

My Advice

Take your time - I took about 2 hours in total but half of that was just getting the broken glass out. Don't forget to remove the home button from the old bezel before putting the whole thing back together. When I was done, I wasn't really happy with how the new glass was lying in the frame. I put the unit under a stack of magazines and put a weight on top overnight. By morning it was perfect.

iPad 3/4 Front Glass/Digitizer Touch Panel Image
iPad 3/4 Front Glass/Digitizer Touch Panel


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