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Never drop a bottle of water on your MBP

noperfecto -

MacBook Pro 15" Core Duo Model A1150

MacBook Pro 15" Core Duo Model A1150 LCD Panel Replacement

MacBook Pro 15" Core Duo Model A1150 LCD Panel Replacement

Very difficult

My Problem

I drenched my old MBP with water, when I dropped a water bottle on it. I was getting it ready to ship to a buyer. After drying it out for three days, everything was fine except for the display.. It no longer functioned properly. I checked the inverter, it was fine, so determined it to be the display itself.

My Fix

The repair was straightforward because I went through your instructions several times before taking the display apart. I've made upgrades to the MBP several times (disk drive upgrade, replaced the cooling fans, airport upgrade, etc) so getting into it is old-hat. I had no problems with the display, was able to get the bezel off by doing exactly as your instructions said. I put everything back together and powered up - - - Beautiful! Better than I remember it looking new.

My Advice

1. Make sure you have the right tools

2. Review what you are going to do using the instructions / guides

3. Take your time and move slowly. You don't want to loose any screws.

4. Make note of how you took things apart and move backward through the instructions putting things back together again.

5. Make sure that you keep the screws sorted by instruction step. You will get to know which are which, but don't want to try to cross thread a screw that is the wrong one (messing up the threads - there is an old story there for another time).

MacBook Pro 15" (Models A1150/A1211) LCD Panel Image
MacBook Pro 15" (Models A1150/A1211) LCD Panel


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