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The earth is shaking...it's my fan

by bwademusic

My Problem

I use my lap top for the brains of my audio interface during live gigs. I was getting an annoying sound coming off the computer, which I feared was the hard drive. I learned how to clone and replace the hard drive but the sound was still there..hence the fan replacement.

My Fix

the repair was almost too easy. I was afraid of the wire removal part of the fan because it's so small I couldn't see which way to pull or push or whatever was needed. The install instructions definitely came in handy for that part.

My Advice

At first my fan didn't come on. I took the lap top apart and was going to re install the old fan to see if it would give me a clue as to what I had done wrong or if the fan itself was defective. Instead I tried pushing down on the wire attachment and low and behold it was I assume the connection because the fan came on. I had previously downloaded 2 different apps to control the fan speed and I just looked and both fan are running at around 2000 rpm. I heard that apple doesn't recommend these apps so any advice from you guys will be appreciated. As it stands, because it's all working I'm reticent to fix what isn't broke....thanks very much.