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Replacing a HD in imac 2009 version

attiyyajones -

iMac Intel 20" EMC 2133 and 2210

iMac Intel 20" EMC 2133 and 2210 Hard Drive Replacement


My Problem

It kept freezing on me and moving very very slow.

My Fix

I used the step by step guide on ifixit and it work GREAT. They were very clear instruction I would recommend any I see with a broken iPod or imac anywhere to go to ifixit before the buy it all over again.

I Love you guys at ifixit what a good idea...

My Advice

I will always check this site for any broke gadget needs...

Spudger Image


Phillips #1 Screwdriver Image
Phillips #1 Screwdriver


Heavy-Duty Suction Cups (Pair) Image
Heavy-Duty Suction Cups (Pair)


TR8 Torx Security Screwdriver Image
TR8 Torx Security Screwdriver


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