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Renewing my friends iPhone 4

zeezo -

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Rear Panel Replacement

2 - 5 minutes


My Problem

My friend had jammed his iphones power and home buttons, shattered the back of his phone and messed up the dock connector so that it wouldn't charge anymore.

My Fix

The repair went great except for 2 things. I misplaced 2 screws so I need to take it apart again to find out which one I put where, the back cover won't close because of this. And also the power button replacement didn't work, I think it has to do with the bracket actually (not the button itself) but ifixit doesn't sell these parts so I got it from somewhere else. Otherwise the repair was easy to follow and fun!

My Advice

make sure you know which screws go where. This is important

iPhone 4 and 4S Power and Lock Button Image
iPhone 4 and 4S Power and Lock Button


iPhone 4 Home Button Assembly Image
iPhone 4 Home Button Assembly


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