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No Problems Replacing Power Supply

w00die -

iMac Intel 24" EMC 2111

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iMac Intel 24" EMC 2111 Power Supply Replacement

1 - 2 hours


My Problem

My iMac went dark and I didn't want to give a repair service access to my hard drive which has personal information. I trust no one with my computer. So what a relief to find ifixit! I was encouraged by the detailed instruction on how to replace the power supply so I ordered one and took a chance. Replacing my iMac was just too expensive.

My Fix

No problems at all thanks to the great instructions on ifixit. I bought a Husky 8 in 1 Torx Screwdriver Set from the hardware store and ordered the power supply from ifixit. I ordered it on Wednesday and got it by Saturday. Really pleased with that.

My Advice

The only challenge was removing the torx screws from the display because they are recessed. I used a small needle nose pliers to remove the loose screws and I used rubber cement to hold the screw to the blade when reinserting the display.

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