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FINALLY, Peace and Quiet

by mataekim

My Problem

My right fan was making the craziest noise i've heard technology has ever made. I felt like it was going to create a black hole and it just came out of no where. It just happened all of a sudden and i'm figuring that it is from aging.

My Fix

When I took my mac apart at first, I was pretty nervous because I've never done it. But it looked easy enough from the video and sure enough it was simple and made me feel like an engineer for a few minutes. :] I unscrewed all the nails, replaced the fan, and screwed everything back together!

My Advice

MAKE SURE YOU ORDER THE RIGHT MODEL NUMBER AND DO NOT GO BY THE PICTURE. because like an idiot, I ordered the right fan for the A1150 Model at first because I was too lazy to look for the model number and went by the picture. I couldn't stand the fan of death any longer so I immediately ordered the right fan for the correct model number (A1211) and it worked like a charm.