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Happy Birthday

Andrea Cline -

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Screen Replacement

iPhone 7 Screen Replacement

1 hour


My Problem

Screen was cracked, then a new one was used (from another source), and it was defective, so I found iFixit, and now the phone works. It was a used phone bought as a starter phone for my husband’s grandson. Happy 11th birthday. He was so happy!!

My Fix

The repair was easy, except the second time I opened the phone, I messed up the home button?. It can work without the button.

My Advice

Be careful with the home button, but if it is damaged, the phone can be used with a home button from the settings on the phone, so it’s not the end of the phone.

iPhone 7/7 Plus Bottom Screws Image
iPhone 7/7 Plus Bottom Screws


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