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First Repair!

Trent -

Nintendo DS

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Nintendo DS Upper LCD Screen Replacement

10 minutes


My Problem

My old Nintendo DS I've had since I was a kid had a cracked LCD screen for several years now, and I was wanting an easy first repair

My Fix

It was not hard at all to tear apart! They made it pretty easy, and I had all the components out in no time at all. It was fun to see all the different parts and be able to make the actual swap and put it all back together. Also the replacement screen was really easy to get and only cost like $8.

My Advice

I did have one spot of trouble. The first time I put it all back together, I didn't seat all the cables firmly enough, so my DS didn't actually start at all! But after making sure the cables were properly attached, it powered right up.

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One Comment

Great job! Taking that first step to repair is always the hardest part. You’ll be fixing all your friends’ stuff in no time. ;)

Megan Costello - Reply

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