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Gleaming Success!

David Thomas -

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My Problem

Laptop keyboard was failing.

My Fix

My mid-2010 MacBook Pro 15" keyboard was going out and leaving me frustrated. The nearest repair shop wanted $175 to fix it, and I am on a very tight budget, so I attempted it myself. I dropped $17 on a new keyboard and $47 on your toolkit, and fixed it myself in about an hour and a half. I was a bit nervous, but took my time and remained organized, and it was way easier than I expected! Thanks so much for the awesome tools, I really like the quality and functionality of them. Very happy shopper here! Thanks again!! Keyboard works great!

My Advice

Yes... Don't ever doubt yourself. Shops are in the business to make money and you can save money by doing it yourself. With companies like iFixit there for us, we're able to source the products, tools and tutorials to do it with confidence! If I can do it, anyone can do it!!

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TR6 Torx Security Screwdriver


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