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Always order from Ifixit

David Lee -

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 LCD screen Replacement

Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 LCD screen Replacement

7 minutes


My Problem

Customer had a cracked screen.

My Fix

The repair went well once I used a part from Ifixit. At the time the customer originally requested a replacement Ifixit was out of stock so I made the mistake of buying a screen elsewhere. The other parties adhesive wouldn’t stick to the phone properly. The Ifixit screen worked perfectly!

My Advice

When replacing the screen leave the plastic on that covers the glass. Take a very small peice of adhesive stripping and place it on the top of the home button. Place the home button in its resting place on the screen. The adhesive will stick to the plastic screen covering and hold the button in place while you place the screen on the device.

Galaxy J3 (2016) Screen Image
Galaxy J3 (2016) Screen


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