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It Really Worked!

Janet King -

My Problem

Headphone plug broke off in headphone jack of Chromebook. Fixed it because no sound would play through Chromebook speakers. Chromebook without sound is pretty much unusable in a 1:1 school.

My Fix

It worked as described.

My Advice

Be sure to watch the Instructions video on the website where you order the Gripstick. You really do need to tap the Gripstick into the port. I used the end of a screwdriver, not a hammer. It took a couple of tries. I noticed the broken piece getting closer to the opening each try. I did us a needle nose pliers to squeeze just a little tighter, but no so tight as to bend or crimp the Gripstick.

GripStick Headphone Plug Extraction Tool Image
GripStick Headphone Plug Extraction Tool


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