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Fixing my iphone 5s

Yahya Salih -

My Problem

I broke my iphone 5s screen and decided to buy the 64 bit repair kit, a suction cup, and bought a cheap replacement screen from another source.

My Fix

In the beginning it actually went quite well. I removed the screen, removed the screws, the covers, and removed the screen wires. the transferring of components from the broken screen to the replacement screen was challenging, but it went quite well. the only problem is that when I was near finishing, I tried to snap the new screen into the phone and broke the screen from the top. I got frustrated, but calmed myself down saying it was only a minor crack. When I was finished, there was a part on the screen that was unresponsive. Frustrated again, I opened up the phone again to see if there was a loose wire, and out of frustration, I SNAPPED the home button wire.

Now the phone cannot read any fingerprints and im stuck not knowing what to do.

My Advice

Be VERY gentle and TAKE. YOUR. TIME. Never rush while fixing phones and do it in a timely manner.

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