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Galaxy S5 Camera Lens Cover replacement

jjuracich -

My Problem

Camera cover shattered. Not sure what happened, but I carry my phone in my pocket with keys and "saver cards" on a carabiner (spelling?). So, who know.

My Fix

Repair was very easy. In the video, the glass cover had a thin layer of adhesive already applied to it. In the kit that I received, the adhesive was separate, and had to be applied to the camera housing first, then the glass was applied. Since the adhesive does not go to the edge of the glass, I'm afraid that moisture may get behind it.

My Advice

Take your time, use plastic or blunt metal tools to remove the broken glass - I put some scratches into the glass-mounting surface with my pocket knife.

Galaxy S5 Camera Lens Cover Image
Galaxy S5 Camera Lens Cover


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