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Galaxy S8 clear back

Jonathan Lumley -

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My Problem

My Samsung S8 did not look cool enough. Too stock. As a repair technician by trade, I needed some type of aftermarket configuration on my business phone, to match what I do for a living.

My Fix

I bough a replacement glass panel off eBay. I peeled off the back coating and laminate, which makes the glass clear. One problem, if it ever breaks, it'll fall apart because there is no laminate on the underside of the glass holding it together. So to fix this, I coated the back with window tint film, which acts as a perfect laminate, and it'll help protect the compliments from UV rays. I then added a blue camera bracket and an S8 emblem for looks, then I reinstalled the back glass. Looks way better now.

I also wanted to find a way to remove that stupid Bixby button. Problem is, it shares the same flex cable with the volume buttons. Bummer.

My Advice

There are a couple drawbacks, while I sealed it as best as I could, the phone is probably not waterproof anymore. And obviously it'll void your warranty. But I void warranties every day, so that not really a concern for me.

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I dig it, haha

Felix Robinson - Reply

Where do you get the window tint film you used for the glass?

Trans1000 - Reply