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The drop fix.

dustin brunning -

iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s Display Assembly Replacement

2 hours


My Problem

I took my phone out of the Lifeproof case and was, within a week, shown why I use a Lifeproof case. I dropped it face down. The glass didnt break but the screen was forever ruined.

My Fix

The first day I attempted I got as far as getting a scraper in between the glass and the back cover. I Then set it aside to finished the disassembly a day later. I didn't have the right tool but I did have a hair dryer available. It gave me just enough heat to make it feel like I wasn't going to rip the screen in half. In the end the hardest parts for me was getting the phone apart then putting the connectors for the screen back onto the motherboard because of the fear of ruining them.

My Advice

Go slow and know you can do this Because it can always be worse. You could have an s8.

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Magnetic Project Mat


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