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Holy Smokes! wicked fast shipping too meaning also...thx

erin scully -

My Problem

i purchased this to crack my first MacBook pro open, haven't done that yet. P5 driver was the intent. So many moer i have owned. a lot of my tools were stolen from me. this more than makes up for it.

My Fix

this is the most amazing micro repair tool kit i have ever seen in my entire life no joke.

My Advice

i studied electronics in the military. i work on gear. no i don't use capital letters but at least i don't type in all CAPS. this kit is the bees knees. anyways... why buy one driver when you can buy the whole lot. this is not for working on electrical sockets rather tiny little electronic devices. i wish they had this for such a reasonable price back in the day. smart mouths can suck it. i am so grateful for this kit

64 Bit Driver Kit Image
64 Bit Driver Kit


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