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Broken iPhone 6 screen and old 5 phones needing batteries

Ben Seput -

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Front Panel Assembly Replacement

1 hour


My Problem

The phone fell off my nightstand and the screen was pretty much shattered. My old iphone 5 that I gave to one of my daughters was having multiple problems which apparently all stemmed from the battery. My girlfriend's iphone 5 was having battery issues too.

My Fix

Went well, I did a lot of cleaning with isopropal alcohol, tried to clean the purple spot of the i5 camera but that didn't work for some reason. No issues with the 6 that affect performance, but the home button feels loose in the new screen and the click is more pronounced. Not sure if it's something I did or just the way the new screen is made. I may take it apart again to check. Batteries were pretty easy and the phones seem to be working great again.

My Advice

I'm not the first to say this I'm sure, but lay the screws out on a towel in the same pattern as the fit in the phone. You can't see the difference between a 1.2mm and 1.6mm screw very easily with the naked eye.

iPhone 5 Replacement Battery Image
iPhone 5 Replacement Battery


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