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60 Apple Devices in 90 Days

Jamie FC -

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My Problem

Fixing the planet takes more than one device. We gotta up our game if we want to crack any culture of proprietary fasteners, adhesives, and teardown manuals. Over the past three months I have fixed screens and LCDs on over 60 Apple devices (8 different models) from home, by myself, using only tools and guides found on ifixit (okay, I cheated and ordered some iPad Mini 2 LCDs from Taiwan. But they're never in stock here!)

My Fix

Some went really bad, some went really good. The important thing is that they all worked at the end. Some were pristine. Some took a lot of damage and had their performance compromised. The more you work through a given device, the better you'll find your own tricks and techniques that will work for you.

My Advice

  • At the very least you will need safety goggles, tape, picks, probes (spudgers), tweezers, a suction cup, and a screwdriver. Mostly everything else is optional, but some options are more useful than others (e.g. magnification, light source, etc.)
  • Don't even think about fixing an iPad mini without a healthy supply of Kapton (polyimide) tape.
  • The first time you fix a device, allow yourself twice or even three times the suggested repair time. You will make mistakes, you will hit snags, and you will find yourself confused and need to refer to a repair community.
  • Be patient. These are high-end electronics and you need to proceed carefully. Think of yourself as a surgeon: you need calm nerves and a steady hand. Avoid caffeine and nicotine when performing a repair step that requires high levels of fine motor coordination.
  • Don't forget to check the edits and the comments when using an ifixit guide. If you find a step difficult or confusing then chances are, somebody else has too, and there may be some insight you can find here online.
  • You may find it helpful to take pictures of the teardown as you perform it, to make the reassembly easier. Bonus: you can then post a story on ifixit and share with the world.
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