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New iPad for the kitchen

Eric -

iPad 2 CDMA

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iPad 2 CDMA Front Panel Replacement

3 hours


My Problem

After fixing my sister's iPhone, she pulled a smashed iPad from her closet. It was in a bubbly green foam "protective" frame that had obviously been no match for her toddler son. She had not used it in years and thought my son and I might be able to do something with it. We were eager to put it on the wall in our kitchen, if we could fix it. Off to ifixit we went!

My Fix

The repair was the most painstaking we have ever attempted. We had a lot of glass to clean up, and because it was so shattered, we mostly had to pick it apart rather than lift it off. The iPad was also so severely dented that we had to try straightening the aluminum a bit and then trim off a portion of the bezel to get the new digitizer comfortably seated. Luckily, we knew the pad was destined for life in a case on the wall, so we were comfortable making these changes.

My Advice

Patience. This took careful, slow work removing each bit of the shattered glass. It required special care to prevent damage to the wifi cable and camera. The guide was a huge help to us. The advice to tape up the glass to limit flying pieces was especially helpful. The excellent tweezers included in the tools ifixit supplied with the digitizer fix kit were our primary tool. We used these to pry up and then remove pieces of the glass. We also found a heat gun more useful than the iOpener for softening the adhesive.

iPad 2 Screen Digitizer Assembly Image
iPad 2 Screen Digitizer Assembly


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One Comment

I had an ex girlfriend who destroyed her iPad 2 and the glass was severely shattered but it came off pretty easy without heating the adhesive(Lucky me). I can say that even though I have a newer iPad this gave me the inspiration to finish working on the 2 that she let me keep because she has no use for it. Problem for me is that the clamps to hold the digitizers ribbon in place came off while trying to move the original ribbon. This was all due to residue(someone decided to pour a beer on it). But I will be swapping out the logic board in a couple of days and get this running back up again. But i'm definitely glad to see someone else out there who tried reviving one of those dinosaurs.

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