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5 Year Old Macbook Pro still kicking!

by jeffreyalinn

My Problem

It's 2012 - 2 gigs of RAM just isnt enough. So I did the best I could and upped my computer to its max of 3 gigs.

My hard drive wasn't showing any signs of failure, but since I was doing some computer surgery, I figured it would be a good time to go from a 120 gig 5400 rpm to a 500 gig 7200 rpm hybrid drive.

My fans - well, they could be heard from down the street they became so noisy and inefficient.

My Fix

It took me about one hour to replace everything. With all of the tools I needed and the detailed guides, it couldn't have gone smoother!

My Advice

Repairs on a laptop - not so tough when you have detailed instructions on what you're looking to do!