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iPod Classic 80GB Hard Drive upgrade and battery/ 1st gen iPod Nano battery

Stephen -

iPod Classic

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iPod Classic Battery Replacement

30 minutes - 2 hours

Very difficult

My Problem

My 80Gb classic's hard drive has been dying for a while. I finally decided to pick up a chinese 128Gb ZIFF SSD. Since the battery was hardly fresh I decided to go for it as well while i had it open.

I have had a 1st gen Nano in my drawer that I assumed was bricked since it went through the wash 6+ years ago and refused to turn back on after dry. I recently found out the recall was still valid and decided to send it in after messing with it a bit. I hooked it up to a power supply and realised that it still worked perfectly and it was just the battery all this time.

My Fix

Both repairs were simple beyond the annoyingly hard cases to open. No tabs broken, however the Classic's back popped off more forcefully than I expected and snapped the hold/headphone jack cable. I had to order a new one at fair expense and wait time.

My Advice

The best advice I can offer is exactly what has been said by anyone else working on these and I didn't heed as wella s I should have. Work SLOW and CAREFULLY when removing the back cover. The ribbon cables get brittle over time and snap a lot easier than they should...

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